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Everything You Need to Know About Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles around the eyes are a common concern among women of all ages. Fortunately, there are many ways to address them, from brightening eye creams and serums to vitamin-infused concealers. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, so you need to be very gentle with it. Here we show …

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Worst Skin Care Advice (Ever), According to Dermatologists

From the time you start dabbling with makeup in your teenage years to when you start battling acne or consider developing a personal anti-aging routine, everyone in your life will have an opinion on skin care. While your grandma and mom might swear by certain products or regimens, your best friend might suggest trying a …

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The Difference Between AHAs and BHAs for Skin

Lifestyle experts and beauty gurus praise these stars of the skin care scene, but you might be wondering exactly what AHAs and BHAs do for your skin. They’re both hydroxy acids—that’s the group name for a variety of similar, naturally derived chemicals—and both appear widely in cosmetic formulas. Topical creams and peels containing alpha hydroxy acids …

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What Are the Differences Between Chemical and Natural Sunscreen?

Staying savvy about what you put on your skin is a smart move, but don’t necessarily let the word “chemical” trigger your alarms. Most sunscreens contain chemicals—natural or synthetic—and others feature a combination of both. Like most cosmetics, sunscreen can’t always be easily broken down into “chemical” and “natural” categories, but you can certainly explore each item’s …