Re-boot your haircare with our rotational beauty advice

Did you love your new shampoo when you first bought it, but now find it leaves your hair lifeless? Switching up your hair care could be the answer! Your hair can benefit from switching the products you apply. ‘Rotating shampoos and conditioners can help to reduce the build-up of silicone, which the majority of hair …


Ivan Navarro : Narration Through Light

Ivan Navarro’s work strives to engage the viewers interaction and highlight the social and political implications that result in his compositions. Transforming conventional objects into light sculptures is the language Navarro uses to shine light on his fears. “I make spaces in a fictional way to deal with my own psychological anxiety,” Navarro says.


Finally, a natural haircare range that actually performs

While the accessibility to healthy and natural food options has increased manifold over the last couple of years, the same can’t be said for natural beauty products. And finding natural beauty products that actually do what they promise is even more difficult. Well, luckily for us, our haircare worries can be put to rest! Au …


Beauty Oils 101: How to Pick the Right One for You

Long before the terms “alternative” or “holistic” could apply, natural oils were being used as key ingredients in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Today, oils are reclaiming their therapeutic status, both as stand-alone topical treatments and as key ingredients in a variety of products. See which natural oils are touted for hair, skin and scalp conditions, …