Interesting Insect Wall Art

If you are into creepy crawlers, this one is for you. Artist Jennifer Angus is known for creating large-scale artworks that incorporate real insects as the focal point. Angus has devoted much of her time in southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia, where she has gathered thousands of insects to display in her art. This piece in particular lived in the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.




Angus’ artwork features 5,000 cherry-picked bugs that are displayed on a hot-pink painted wall. The bugs, both with wings and not, shimmer in the light, earning their title of “In The Midnight Garden.” With the vivid greens, shades of purple, and camouflage yellows of the bugs working as intricate details against the pink wall, the exhibit reads as a domestic space from the Victorian era.




Although her work incorporates a large amount of dead bugs, Angus emphasizes that none of these are endangered species and she has collected them over the span of years, giving them up only to decay or when donating bugs to schools so children can learn from them. Angus is adamant about bringing attention to the wildlife that are losing their natural homes and hopes her artwork will inspire curiosity and urgency in saving these creatures.








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